Packing service for machinery

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    The use of goods packing service is very important when transporting or storing machines, helping to ensure the safety of goods while also improving the quality of products.

    HD Asean Vietnam Co., Ltd is one of the leading companies in the packaging and shipping industry. Coming to our goods packing service, your goods will be safe and managed for a long time.

    Advantages of using packing service at HD ASEAN:

    Goods from the ground should resist mold from soil.

    Moving goods more easily.

    Quickly lift or load goods into containers.

    Goods are arranged and preserved scientifically.

    Our company specializes in providing goods packing service, packing machinery equipment for companies and businesses nationwide. Customers need to contact us for advice and detailed quotation.

    Some pictures of machinery packing:


    Contact Info


    HD Asean Viet Nam Co., Ltd

    HEAD OFFICE: Lane 109 Truong Chinh Phuong Liet Ward – Thanh Xuan District – Hanoi
    Office – HCM: 858 / 20A QL1A, Binh Tri Dong A Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City
    Tel – HANOI: 024.3375.66.99 – Hotline: 0964.60.44.11
    Tel – HCM : 028.6681.00.01 – Hotline: 0978.30.53.78
    Website: http://dongthunggo.com

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